Our Values Part 3: Non-violence options

In case you missed the first two entries in this series:

Violence optional games

We are making a creative challenge to ourselves – to provide an enjoyable non-violent play option for all of our games.

Some of our games will offer violent play options, we are not necessarily anti-violence, but we are pro-player-choice on this subject.

Games with violence will provide alternate play styles or paths which allow non-violent play.

Naturally this means some games will take longer to make and will be more complex. It certainly means having to get creative as game developers since we can’t just fall back on typical violent video game templates.

Regardless of one’s stance on the role of video game violence corresponding to real life violence, games with no or optional violence have a much wider potential market.

Violence in Art

While most of the artwork we produce and promote is completely non-controversial in nature, one can always argue that real art should make you uncomfortable.

As such, we do recognize the importance of violence in certain artistic contexts, such as works about overcoming abuse or social commentary.

We seek to exercise discretion in how, when, and where we promote potentially controversial artworks and these will remain a small part of our overall business, which focuses on uplifting and positive imagery.

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