Our Values Part 2: We Highlight Diversity

This is a continuation on our blog series about our Cooperative’s values. Be sure to read Part 1: All Are Welcome! Related to the idea that we welcome everyone is our desire to highlight diversity.

Our Members, Contributing Artists, Patrons, clients, and customers can be found in all ages, on every continent with an extremely wide range of skin colors, religious beliefs, political views, ethnic and cultural values, economic and professional backgrounds, and too many other possible variations to list. At You’re Perfect, we specifically view this as an asset and something to be celebrated.

A huge percentage of characters in videos games and artwork skew to a small subset of demographics. We specifically look for opportunities to create a more diverse cast of artwork subjects and game characters especially playable characters. We seek to highlight diversity not only in terms of gender and race, but also diversity of religious expression (or lack of religious expression).

At You’re Perfect, diversity does not simply mean that we support LGBTQIA+, African Americans, or other groups that are minorities in the USA. It also means looking past labels, race, religion, and political beliefs to see the value each individual brings as an artist – with their own unique perspective and experiences.

Where appropriate we will seek feedback and guidance from cultural experts to ensure respectful portrayal of artwork sucjects and game characters. We aim to be conscious of existing negative stereotypes and not play to these when creating artworks or designing characters and narrative.

Keep an eye out for Part 3 in which we will describe our commitment to community and specific ways that we give back.

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