New Catherine design by Twofaced Harley

Twofaced Harley’s new design, inspired by the release of Catherine: Full Body by Atlus, is one of her best designs to-date. We are lucky to count her as a contributing artist here at You’re Perfect Studio!

Available on everything from T-shirts to stickers to wall clocks, her portrayal of Catherine’s succubus form truly portrays the essence of Catherine while drawing on Twofaced Harley’s unique style.


There are two variations on this design, available through our partners at Redbubble! Here are the links
Full Color Design
Two Color Design

Artist Notes

The thing about this new design is that other previous shirt designs I made where drawings I made for posters or prints slapped onto a shirt, which was honestly imbalancing overall, which took me not long to realize. I wanted to make Catherine Fullbody merch because I have been obsessed with the game since the first release of Catherine, the first adaptation. Also since the game itself is rather underrated by others and was the main art direction driving point for Persona 5, there isn’t as much merch or possible praise for the game. It isn’t the best game in the world but the game itself has been a core obsession of mine, down to the characters, aesthetics, and puzzle mechanics that I have barely seen with other games. 

    Because of my undying love for the game, I wanted to make a shirt design specifically to have on just a shirt. The thing I took into account as a rookie art entrepreneur who is still in college, is the usage of “less is more” when making a design. Anyone that knows me knows I often had trouble with this, so even though this design is simple and common sense in design to others, I have had tendencies to go over the top instead of setting a focal point. I had to note that I needed a limited palette for this piece (black, white, and hot pink), which is a palette choice I’ve grown to love more with doing in traditional art since it looks quite nice and I’m too broke to afford more copic markers lol. 

    Surprisingly, despite drawing Catherine herself over the years, I had not once drawn her in her succubus form. With wanting a limited palette, succubus Catherine was a perfect fit since she has only white, black, red, and blonde in her aspects. Overall I think it turned out pretty great! I made a cool design I myself wanted to see and wear for myself, but I didn’t think there would be this much praise towards it? Because of me wearing my shirt to class and telling my professor I made it, he commissioned me on the spot about a tattoo design for him?? Crazy, right? Anyways, enjoy the shirt, you goobers.

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