for Realtors (Residential)


Our unique 3D software helps develop a sense of ownership in your buyers more quickly – and with a greater degree of knowledge and certainty.

Using our Ganzir™ software your buyers are able to see the full potential of a property. They can experiment with flooring options, wall colors, appliance options, and more.

Its easy to see why high-dollar condos and new builds have been using 3D technology as part of their sales process for years. Working with you, we can bring high end 3D technology to your local Real Estate markets and your exiting properties – as well as your new builds.


Save time! Let your buyers see and explore the space before you ever visit – even work with buyers remotely over the internet in multi-user virtual walkthroughs.

360° photos and drone footage can’t compare to the experience of being in a space, but our simulations are the next best thing – espeically when combined with UHD displays and VR technology.


We can integrate with your brand and your website, including links and contact information for your company, listing agent, photos or video of the property, or any other information you would like us to include.

As a bespoke application – each property can include its own unique information and features. As creators of the software platform we have full control to make all branding, marketing, and other changes that help you get the most from this one-of-a-kind sales tool.

The program files for each property are provided free of any restrictive licensing terms, subscription fees, intrusive ads, or data collection – allowing you and your buyers the freedom and peace of mind to use the application securely on any compatible device.

Our licensing terms allow you to distribute the created property applications as you see fit – or provide all of your current properties on a PC in your office.


Level 1

Our most budget-friendly service is also the ideal choice for Properties with Potential – cases where the walls and floors will likely be completely replaced by the new owners.

This service level provides your potential buyers with a mostly blank canvas – we can include appliances, ceiling fans, etc. that come with the property – but most surfaces are left as a default material.

Level 2

This is the choice for move-in-ready properties. Similar to our Level 1 service, but instead of leaving everything blank we work to match the existing materials and paint colors.

This allows you to use the software as an effective sales tool, providing virtual walkthroughs of the vacant property – even if the real-life property is still occupied.

When creating a custom application at this service level, we also include the Level 1 version of the application at no extra cost.

Level 3

We can create one or more fully furnished and decorated options to shocase your property – either using the existing furniture and decorating sceme, or by working with an interior designer or decorator to create custom looks – helping your buyers see the full potential in the property.

At this level we can also create any number of custom interactions that you may like to include in the property.

When creating a custom application at this service level, we also include Level 1 and Level 2 options in the application at no extra cost.