Stage Mechanic



The idea is simple – push and pull blocks to create stairs and climb to the top. Gravity, traps, and enemies are balanced with power-up items in this challenging puzzle game. Don’t let the cutesy graphics and kid-friendly appearance fool you – the included puzzles will challenge even the most experienced gamer.


Unlike other games in the block-pushing tower-climbing genre, StageMechanic includes a built-in level editor but takes this further by incorporating a Lua interpreter and code editor, all integrated directly into the application and even on mobile and web platforms!

StageMechanic is not just a game – it is a mini game engine in its own right, allowing you to create an expanding variety of game types. Don’t just play other people’s games – create your own.

The included level editor was used to make all of the built-in levels and no programming is needed if you want to use the built in block and item mechanics Рjust place blocks  and items where you like them and press play!

For those wanting to create custom block or item mechanics, our Lua API is fully documented – every function has at least one example and even an associated YouTube video.


By using services provided by GameJolt we are able to offer completely anonymous, 1-click sharing of your StageMechanic creations. No logins, no accounts, no tracking.

  1. Make your level however you want
  2. Click share to Cloud
  3. Write down the 6 digit code you get back
  4. Give this code to your friends
  5. They click Load from Cloud and enter the code
  6. They are now playing the level you created!

Level sharing even works across platforms – so you can create on Android and easily play the level on PC. Once you load someone else’s level you can even enter Create Mode and modify it however you like and share it in return!



Android phones
and tablets
(all brands)