Based on the ancient Mesopotamian story of Inanna’s descent into the underworld – this extremely ambitious title goes beyond “multiple endings” to tell many different stories.

Being among the most broadly studied of ancient stories with many extant versions and both ancient and modern interpretations, The Descent of Inanna provides an extremely rich palette of elements – and it is our goal to show as many of these elements and interpretations as possible.

Unlike most games, there will be many different versions of the story – drawn from various academic, religious, historical, and alternative sources. To the extent possible we will try to tell each interpretation on its own, rather than blending together a single narrative.

Inanna is going to be a very epic-scale game, recreating ancient mesopotamian cities, dialog in Sumerian and Akkadian, and all done using the latest advances in 3D graphics. It will take us more than several years to complete – if you are an expert in Sumerian or Akkadian language, culture, religion or architecture (be it traditional or alternative interpretations) and are interested in helping out send us an email to <3

We are currently collecting reference images and working to hash out what versions of the story are complete enough and feasible for us to include – but most importantly we are “ramping up” to this project through our work on other games and archviz projects. We are not yet at a level to make a game of this scope – but we are actively working to get there!