Coming Soon: Easy Custom Artwork Requests

Coming Soon: Easy Custom Artwork Requests

Currently commissions for custom artwork are handled directly with the artist providing the service. Soon we will have a standardized system that can be used through the You’re Perfect Studio website allowing you to request a commission from an individual artist you like, or to work with anyone (or a team for larger jobs) based on availability. Below is a brief overview of how this system will work.

Step 1: Fill out a request form on our website

Here you can describe to us the type and subject of the artwork you desire. In addition to a text description of the work you would like prepared you will be able to upload and link reference images.

We will allow you to choose your artist(s) and see samples of their work and give information about their availability and turnaround times.

You can then select the dimensions/dpi and media with hints and pricing based on the artist’s preferences. Then just hit submit!

For personal-use commissions you will agree, on the website, to a simple contract outlining our process and ownership/usage rights of the created work.

For commercial-use, large, or group commission requests, a member of our business team will contact you with formal legal paperwork tailored to your specific business needs and payment terms – this can be done in parallel to the artist completing the work requested.

Step 2: Thumbnails / Rough Sketches

Maoi statues by VxD

The artist(s) will next provide you with 3-5 rough sketches showing different options for the basic composition and layout of the work. Pick an option or request up to two revisions to one with no cost up to this point.

If anything requested through this stage would incur an extra cost from the artist we will include that in your price quote for completing the work.

Step 3: Rough Color Blocking

At this point we fix the price and request 1/2 the payment.

The artist then does basic color blocking of the work to give you a better sense of how the final piece will work. It’s still possible to request changes at this phase, but after this phase changes will incur an extra fee.

You will receive high-quality, unwatermarked copies of the artists work up to this point – should anything not work out, you will be able to take these files to another artist for completion.

Step 4: In-Progress Updates

Yoda work in progress by Katrina Niolet

Next, the artist will work on your piece, providing you with updates at least weekly. Some artists even stream their process on Twitch or YouTube, allowing you to see your artwork being created in realtime. (You can opt out of this, of course).

Step 5: Final Delivery

Once complete, the work will go through our internal review process to ensure it meets the stated needs of the client. We will then collect any remaining payment and forward to you the final work.

In the case of traditional artwork, we will ship you the work to anywhere in world via courier service.

For digital art, we will provide you with all of the created files, including the final version of the original source files, in the native format used by the artist’s software.

And that’s it! It is our hope to retain clients through professionalism and quality while allowing our artists to focus on their craft. The above program is not fully rolled out, though most pieces are in place (minus the web form). If you would like to get a quote for custom artwork in the meantime, please email us at

Our individual artists are, naturally, still free to take commissions outside of this standardised system – but our hope is this will streamline the process and provide a greater degree of security for both the artists and clients.

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