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Scanning Art in the Field

The first step in creating high-quality prints With a bit of time and patience its possible to create professional-quality art scans anywhere, with minimal investment. If you are located in south Mississippi, our Cooperative also offers art digitization services to handle all of this for you. In this article...

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Corel digital art Discord chat

We have started the first Discord chat server dedicated to Corel digital art software like Corel Painter and Paint Shop Pro. Stop in and share your art and get help and tips with using Corel software! You’re Perfect Studio is a partner of Corel, but this is an unofficial...

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New Catherine design by Twofaced Harley

Twofaced Harley’s new design, inspired by the release of Catherine: Full Body by Atlus, is one of her best designs to-date. We are lucky to count her as a contributing artist here at You’re Perfect Studio! Available on everything from T-shirts to stickers to wall clocks, her portrayal of...

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